Weekend Update

bring it back to the bike

there was no bike for me this weekend
sure there was a local cyclocross race
but I had other things that needed to be handled
as mentioned
I will save the permission slip to race for other events around the corner
there are other events with courses that appeal to me
it is not always just about the race
it can also be about the ride
some courses bring me greater pleasure
looping around on the grass is not entirely my thing

the weekend was chock full of stuff...
Friday is so far gone I can not recall what happened Friday Night
Saturday I bailed on Yoga
Lisa got some Yoga in... while I caved into my nature, laziness
the morning blended into afternoon which included a children's birthday pool party then a babysitter for the night
dinner and a movie with the wife
caught Jesus Camp then stuffed my face in Chinatown

Sunday salvaged my weekend
the trip to Cox Farm in Manassas Virginia was just what the family was looking for
MADNESS I tell you... complete and utter madness
slides, petting zoos, hayrides, more slides, face painting, free cider, free pumpkin, free apples
and then
more slides
we spent hours and want to go back for more

after the Cox Farm experience I borrowed my dad's power washer
as excellent as this tool may be
it is really the advancement of using an electric tooth brush instead of a standard tooth brush to clean the tiles within a tunnel
an endurance event that was bringing me great pain
but... when I finish cleaning and sealing the deck
well... it will bring the backyard to where it should be

the estimate to have a company take care of the task was high
in hindsight
the estimate may have been dead on
but... I am already in on the task
so... I will continue
but next time I may save my back and lose my wallet
just let someone else take care of the task

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