930... a place in time

a place in time

I need to see this film
was out scanning for some information on Lucy Brown
a name came up that had me thinking of Gene Hawkins
guess Gene's life was pre-Internet
did not find much mention
did not find much documentation

but there is 930 F Street
sounds like a film worth seeing
which contains some Lucy Brown footage


Anonymous said...

Since I had left the scene, it took me years to hear that Gene had died. I last saw him when we ran into each other in a NYC record company office and it blew both our young minds. I still have never heard how he died. Do you know? The vague shadow cast over suggests something dark, but then again maybe a car accident? All tiem favorite quote? Genen singing with his ska band (The Now?): after introducing the band, "... and I'm Gene "Pissed Off" Hawkins." Never knew if that was over arching or he was just pissed at somethign in particular that night.

gwadzilla said...

that is a mysterious blog....

maybe I will try to toss something together on the main page about the death of Gene Hawkins

in short
drug overdose

found dead in his apartment
Lucy Brown was playing at the 9:30 that night
he had not shown to sound check
someone went to his house
he had been dead for a day or two

bad choices
bad luck
bad day