bike lanes are an idea up for discussion

bike lane
share lanes
bike paths

there needs to be a discussion
a discussion about what is best for the bike
a discussion about safety on the bike

bike lanes can offer certain risks
the door zone definitely being one of those risks

an article from Scotland covers some bike lane issues
cycling scotland dot org

as for the picture?
I googled Fat Bastard on a Bike and well... that is what I ended up with
I think she is a SUICIDE GIRL


Anonymous said...

Some of the bike lanes in DC are actually OK car door-wise as long as you ride along the outside edge. I'm pretty much OK with them as long as they serve as a guideline rather than a "bikes must go here" kinda thing.

gwadzilla said...

I am with you
recently I have been trying to get Bike Lanes in Mount Pleasant
apparently they are on the DDOT master plan
I am trying to accellerate things

and yes
the bicyclist must always be aware and travel with thought greater than common sense


gundog99 said...

I've recently joined my countys Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committie. Though we have no real power, we can influence the city, county, and DOT on how to make our county safer for bicyclists and peds.

What I've learned is that anything we do won't take effect for at least a year. It is part of a long range plan.

Construction and road maintenance is scheduled years in advance. Problem areas now won't be able to be fixed for about a year or two.

There is no real solution to what to do with cyclists. As a commuter and ex-racerboy, I am comfortable with riding in traffic, taking the lane when I see fit, and dealing with aggravated drivers on a per occorance basis.

But that's me. Other riders can't be expected to ride at the same speed and aggressiveness. For some the answer is the "bike lane." An area that should be fairly safe, if designed correctly and respected. Two problems I have with them is that drivers view them as a place to corral cyclists. And that many are not designed to elimanate the door zone or they encourage car parking in them.

Plus we can't expect many younger riders to ride in a bike lane. Kids are unpredictable. But they still need to be able to get from point A to B safely. For them the "bike path" or trail is a better solution.

This leads to another problem with our cities design and trying to make it better for cyclists. We have a great network of trails, but many of them don't connect to any destination. They are fun to go on a ride with the family. There are times they end on one side of a road, get picked up on the other, but have no safe means to get accross. We have bike lanes that go for a couple of blocks and end. We have bike routes on streets that don't lead to anything.

Our committie is trying to create solutions to these problems, but we are addressing problems that are years old, and wont' be fixed (if we suggest a working solution) for a couple of years.

On the plus side, we are working on becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community, with an honerable mention for 2006. (I see DC is Bronze, congrats.)