it is a pretty basic game
we all played it at one stage of life or another
it seems to be like diapers
just something for the early stages of life and the later

it has been years since I played checkers
checkers is a game like Parcheesee that is more an occupier of time than a game of skill
there are skills
but checkers is no chess

this weekend my young nephews have been challenging me to play them in checkers
for 5 and 7 these guys are bringing it on real hard
but in our plays I have come to learn an adult lesson
a lesson where I see things through my grandfather's eyes

when I was growing up my grandfather and I played checkers
it was frustrating for my grandfather to play checkers with his grandkids
as my grandfather felt that it was a rule that a player must take a jump if they have an option to jump
if that jump goes unseen or ignored that player loses that piece

as an adult playing children and trying to set up a move
trying to plan ahead
trying to sucker my opponent
I have gotten frustrated when a jump opportunity is ignored or goes unseen
as in most cases I had planned the little checkers blood bath
an eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
one of my pieces for two of yours
and so forth

in an adult sort of way
in that same way that can take the fun out of whiffle ball I brought out this rule
not while I was playing
but after the games with the other adults
my father inlaw was inclined to agree that it is in fact a rule that the jump must be taken

a few resources on the Internet confirmed or at least reaffirmed the notion that the jump must be taken

it may just be another point for the kids to fight about
as it is a moderately subtle rule
maybe a rule better for adults than children

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