closing a chapter of life... changing the focus of a blog

just got off the phone with a friend
he is in town trying to get things straight with stuff in storage
moving again
back to the states
but over to the left coast
san francisco to be exact
my guess it will be different than the last year plus down in Mexico City

the year down south of the border was not just a year away from the states
it was also a year away from the bike
in our talk I was psyched to hear that he had gotten out to a cross race in SF
he was psyched to be out on the bike

with his move to cali
there will also be a move in the direction of his blog
musings from mexico no longer works as a title for his life

that image is from a Men's Vet team at a Granny Gear 24 Hours of Snowshoe event in West VA a few years ago
we fought hard for third in Vet
which was a strong finish overall
here is an article that my friend brian wrote for dirtworld about that race


gwadzilla said...

that was two years in Mexico City....

I should amend that

Brian Kemler said...

...two long years without that much riding, but it's nice to be back in an environment where riding just happens organically and you don't struggle. these were the only sole years of my adult life in which riding had not been the focus of everything for me. It's good to be back and good to feel back into riding and the scene in SF of course always remembering my formative years in DC. We'll see what I do with the blog. I want to continue - but I need to think of a catchy name first!