comcast needs to get it straight

surfing the comcast Internet for something to watch
background noise really
infact, I do not want to get involved with a movie I do not have the energy for starting a movie
going to bed makes more sense than starting to watch a movie

got drawn into an HD option
it reads skateboarding
this has happened before
says skateboarding and it ends out being bmx
bmx is cool on its own
in some ways I would rather see a few minutes of dirt track or something other than vert
but it is fine on its own
but it is not skateblarding
so tonight when I slow, pause over, then commit to select this skateboarding show
I am not shocked when it is not skateboarding

it is rollerbladding
I do not stay long
I watch one and a half competitors
that is enough

without much time to kill surfing about I scan what I have stored on the DVR
all sorts of stuff that I have seen
all sorts of stuff that I will never need to see again
including an long list of Avatar episodes which I have on DVD

setting in on a Ted Koppel piece that I stored thinking it was a National Park piece on the National Mall
I have seen it before
it is a very informative piece

it is stealing my full attention again
it is well told
it is well crafted

comcast does need to get it straight
in this case the poorly named Discovery HD piece is worth watching
maybe better than what I had intended

comcast needs to get it straight

this Ted Koppel special is pretty awesome
my inlaws could do to watch this
the majority of the United States could do to watch
there is stuff to consider
precautions need to be taken

the patriot act scares me

fox news scares me
my mother inlaw says she watches the news all the time and is well informed
watching fox news informs people about the world to the same level that the cartoon network informs about life on earth
at least john stewart is not claiming to be a news show
although many of us view it as such

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