cycling and the classes

david crouse a friend of mine from the races sent me a link to a cycling forum
in this forum there was a discussion about the addition of a clydesdale class at a state championship
I must admit this race option for this weekend excited me

I scanned the forum for a link to the race promoter
I glanced at the race name and the venue then went to chip's midatlanticcross info page
check the events for this weekend's date
there was nothing that matched up with the names that were temporarily stored in my head

with no luck there I went to a google page
cut and pasted the information from the forum to the search bar
then hit enter
a number of pages came up
it was not hard to find the race promoter's page for the state championship
the race was not local
only a local mid-atlantic race would have fit my weekend plans
up until seeing this the notion of racing this weekend had not crossed my mind
the addition of a clydesdale class at a state championship event was exciting for me
not an option
but the idea was exciting

here I go
I better pour another drink
work on some yoga breathing
and now take a look at what was covered in this forum

ROADBIKE REVIEW posts that there is the addition of a CLYDESDALE CLASS at the Clyclocross State Championship
1st Annual World Unicycle Cross Championship
apparently this is not local
I think it would be too far to drive is I packed the car in the morning
from the looks of things this race is in Oregon

jonathan maus may know more about this event

the forum starts off moderately positive
the first person claims a dozen Krispy Kremes will aid making weight
the next responder wants a small guy class with climbs so he can win... but cheers on the "plus size athletes" for getting theirs
another poster feels they are a meal away... thanksgiving dinner away
not sure what the next person was saying one of us has had too much wine... but I am liking their name
ATPJUNKIE.... that is some sort of intellectuatl Krebs Cycle joke
cycle... I said cycle
okay... now the white wine is hitting me hard
and honestly... I was expecting to be on the defensive
then ARGYLESOCKS comes in with the basic question of why clydesdale?
I understand that arguement... but honestly.... why b? and why c? and on the mountain bike circuit... why single speed? why all the classes?
i am with ya ARGYLESOCKS... why all the classes?
well... if there are these sub classes of age, sex, and skill... why not weight?
weight is a much greater factor than age
to a certain point
masters are faster than most 25 year olds...
he understands the height... or almosts... but will not grasp the weight issue
on to the next effort...
GRIPPED gives it to them straight
which esscential offers the multiple classes for more classes
which makes smaller groups
which improves racing and the race experience
cross is worse than mountian bike by the race being established in the first two minutes
call ups or sprint ups
or riding in the back
then ATPJUNKIE comes back to the plate... this time with loaded guns
making a good explaination of weight being an advantage in some sports and a disadvantage in others...
Nix gets into the "just for fun" thing... when it actually has more to do with a competition with your species thing... everyone is out there just for fun... unless it is their day job
another arguement for splitting the classes and a wish to gain 35 pounds to make weight
breezed through a few
more people talking about weight
small guys do not get it
small weight weenies do not get it
they gram count on their bikes and calorie count on thier plate
yet they do not see how being big can be racers genetic disadvantage
I think I weighed 157 in 8th grade
yes... I could do to lose a few
but it is unlikely I could hang below 220 for more than a day
230 now... maybe 240 by thanksgiving
and yes
much of it is my inability to say no to that midnight ho-ho
but... the rest of it is size and genetics at 6'4" how light could i get?
crepitus almost gets my heart up
but... it is all a repeat of agreeing with other class break downs
but not getting the weight class break down
which is funny... I am compeitive.... I know a number of fast clydesdales
but we could never be elite... we are over coming a genetic disadvantage
that is part of the reason I like to race Clydesdale
especially at the mass start events
bring respect to the class
racing with other clydesdales at a multi-lap event and finish fast
it brings respect to the class
there is chris redlack, the once clydesdale bill davis, and that guy keith ( I think it was keith) as well as some others that will school most of the jokers on this forum
okay... the names mentioned could all be skinnier... but... they are still fast and would be faster if they lost that excess fat
this ONTHERIVET guy and his weight loss.. 40 pounds...
and the thing being American... the whole class issue is the american way
it is not a SUPERSIZE ME thing that makes it American
it is making everyone a winner that makes it American
trophies for all participants
kindergarden graduation
those are the american ways... not Clydesdale and Athenas (rivet... rivet)
ATP kicked his ass.... I better go back and read his first comment... it could make sense now that I know his perspetive
SUNNYSIDEUP comes back with some weird shit... I think the crack pipe went around the circle and stalled at him for a few rocks... he is wacked
the crack then wears off and SUNNYSIDEUP comes back with the removal of the class arguement
the best arguement of all
but... that arguement should end that a weight class is as viable as any class
then ATPJUNKIE is back... man.... i need this guy's number... I could use him on the other line when I am at a party trying to explain the disadvantage of being a Clydesdale and the justification of the big guy class
then when he tosses in the ROADIESNOBBERY
I like this guy
then he brings back the STATS
ARGYLESCOCKS gets back into it with a solid point... should there be multiple clydesdale classes? well... the idea is not so far fetched in the running world they do have such classes
as the 210 guy is disadvantaged less than the 230.... then the 250 like the stats stated
but there needs to be some rational control plus 200 works for me... plus 220 works for me
there are more posts..
GEARDADDY starts pointing me to my close....
but the motivation issue is the factor...
just as a B get motivate harder than if they were an A
or a C gets motivated harder than if they were trailing in the B
the CLYDESDALE gets to match up with like opponents
push themselves to race pace
instead of giving the faster guys a head start so that they are not in their way

the notion of the classes is an interesting one...
are certain classes neccessary
are various classes more justifiable
should there be a break down in the classes based on skill level
should there be a break down in the classes based on age
should there be a break down in the classes based on sex
the break down of the classes is really not that important
after all
the decision of the fastest of the day tends to invole just a handful of elite men
the rest are just showing up
paying an entry fee that kicks in to the promoter and adds to the purse for the winner of that small handful of men

should there be all of these classes?
should it be just one mass start?

a good band name?
Trust Fund Junkie

I think the mood was wrong for this
whiskey instead of white wine would have let my anger direct my response
I was too mellow

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