Eric of WABA

eric of waba
waba: washington area bicycle association

had lunch with eric of waba on friday
it was not a planned thing
just ran into him on my way to the royal palace

it was good to catch up with him
we had a good lunch at city lights
where we got to talk a little bit about the neighborhood meeting that we both attended earlier this week past in Mount Pleasant

it was an interesting and unneccessarily complex situation
not the lunch
the meeting

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jeff said...

What the hell are you doing going to the strip club in the middle of the day? We had to call the cops on them the other day when they were playing their music so loud it was rattling our office. I think we're right above their VIP room or something. Remember there's no sex in the champagne room http://youtube.com/watch?v=XLFnXjjJ5i4