gear... bicycle gear/winter gear

last night I was catching up on some blogs...

in my meanderings I was visiting The Old Bag
in one of her earlier postings further down the list she went through a list of gear....
I think that I need to get some gear recommendations on my blog...
no... I do not think I need to name my bikes
I also do not see the point in naming hermit crabs, fish, or cats

most of my gear comes from City Bikes
City Bikes is my local bike shop as well as the title sponsor of my team DCMTB
I am not above Internet shopping or bargain bins at other shops

this morning's gear call-

gortex shell/gortex cycling pants MEC in Canada
pearlizumi knickers/pearlizumi shoes (I own several shoes, these shoes' cleats match the old SPD pedals on the fixie, TIME are my pedals of choice)
camelbak pack
bell helmet (with great adjust-ability dial in the back which allows me to use the same helmet with or without a skull cap)
gloves? who knows... the gloves change everyday
serfas glasses (interchangeable lenses, riding with the clear today, usually ride with the yellow lenses on these serfas frames and amber on my smiths)
shirt and sub layer jacket of unknown maker or design
sock from Walmart

within my camelbak pak I have an assortment of bicycle tools
crank brothers pump and multi-tool (but these tools circulate and interchange with other varieties with varying strengths)
standard 15mm wrench
a few tubes of various sizes
an allen key for the fixie cranks
a quick stick
and certainly
other stuff I do not need

a few of my bikes
Surly Karate Monkey geared with front suspension in green
Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed rigid in brown
Specialized Tri-Cross Comp cyclocross bike
Jamis Nova cyclocross bike (not yet built up)
a 26er: Rocky Mountain Blizzard (old and tired)

then floating around my garage...
Kona Explosif
Kona Huma Huma Nuka Nuka apua Ah
Raliegh Racing USA road frame
Old Benotto road frame
then certainly some more stuff that I will never use


Fritz said...

My gear today: Cotton pants, cotton long-sleeve shirt, cotton/poly socks, cotton undies, bright yellow vinyl shell with pit zips from REI, ankle strap on right leg to keep my pants unripped, and Shimano MT30 'casual' bike shoes with SPD cleats.

I couldn't find my helmet this morning, and I had dropped my gloves outside last night and they got rained on. Better for my short 6 mile commute to ride bare-handed than in sopping wet gloves, I think. Except it was raining near my work so I endedup hopping on the bus so I rode only a mile and half. That's not even a bike ride, is it?

gwadzilla said...

cotton kills

even with my super short commute I put on the plastic fibers

they breathe better
they wick sweat better
I sweat... which would be bad for even my business casual

when I ride real hard I shower