the godfather

in the washington post

there was a classic joke in the DC area in the 80's...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

because it was safety pinned to a punk rocker

Why did the punk rocker cross the road?

because Ian told him to

it is a very amusing
it is all very interesting
I had my little documentary daydream about Ian and his life taking a different course
his life took an amazing course

I think this is that recent gwadzilla archive

Ian is cool
but I think it is interesting to think that he may have become prisoner of his own ideas

did Ian ask to have the status and power that he earned?
did Ian ask for the masses to let his tastes become their tastes?
Ian was just Ian
and the sheep
well... the sheep were just being sheep

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Anonymous said...

was perusing some of your entries.
fugazi! anyway, im off to do the usual T-day family antics, have a good one.