half of a cross double header

my body is feeling good
my body and soul are feeling pretty good

it is good for the soul to push your limits
it is not just the achievement of doing it
there is definiately something that happens on the physiological level that effects the psychological level

feeling pretty good

it was a busy weekend
managed to get some stuff done
including going to bed early and waking up late
something that does not happen often
but was able to happen this weekend with the wife and the kids up north in pittsburgh for the weekend

the weekend sans kids freed me up to do what I chose
saturday morning I drove by my brother's house then out to leesburgh for a cross race
a local teal Coppi hosted a wonderful event known as Tacchino Ciclicross
the day was perfect for cross
the air was cold
the earth was soft
there was a bit of a bite in the air
a tad cooler than brisk
not really cold
no where near freezing

the course was an interesting number of laps
a course far more interesting than some tape on a football field
the course had some steeps as well as some long ang flats
but it also had a long slow steady grind
a tough course for a big guy
a tough sport for a big guy
an especially tough course for a big guy
but I raced in the 35 plus around some racers I had finished around in the last two races I did some time ago this season
was feeling the seven pounds I have gained since september
maybe that seven is now ten, have not weighed myself since Halloween

the weekend also involved some great hikes with brutus in the woods
one long hike with brutus and a friend
the friend was over for an after noon hike and an opportunity to pick up some baby furniture
as we are no longer in need of a crib we passed on our old crib and changing table
felt better than trying to sell something on Craig's list
it does take a village

only raced saturday
gave no real consideration to racing sunday
until I woke at 7 am after a going to bed early the night prior
but my gear was not packed and the bike was not tuned
so I slammed my head back in the pillow and slept a little more
not often I get to sleep late

there were trips to home depot and trips to ikea
man style...
no thinking
just buying
did not buy the paint after having it mixed at Home Depot
it did not look like it was matching what I have on the walls
then the lights from Ikea were not mounted as they do not have an on/off switch on the light themselves
so... a few things did not get done
but I did get some other stuff that needed to be done

no... I did not rake the hay yet
but I did toss out the pumpkins
no... I did not take the Halloween lights off the clubhouse out back
but, I did put out mouse traps with peanut butter

no there was no Honey Dew list
but, there are always things that need to be done around the house

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