the horn...

the car horn is a funny thing...

so many people hit the horn when they should hit the brakes

I admit
I use the horn
a gentle wake up call
a cute little "beep beep" to wake up the zombie in the car in front of me
especially if I see that they are driving with their arm arced at 90 degrees with the phone to their ear


as a person on the street in a neighborhood with a great deal of through traffic I have come to understand one thing

in a situation where there is some wrong doing by some idiot or asshole that beckons the honking of the horn from another
there is often a switch in the designation of who is the asshole
the person who may be asleep at the wheel or whatever loses the attention of being the asshole
while the person leaning on the horn becomes the asshole
the noise pollution that spread from the horn does not just alert the sleeping driver
but infects the placid good time of everyone all around
which includes the residents of the neighborhood
and the people on the street

the horn is vital
it is so often misused

it amuses me as a cyclist to see how many people drive with their hand poised over the horn
ready to honk
if only they were so quick with the brake

darn brown stars

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