I have a problem... actually I have many problems

I have a problem...
actually I have many problems

one of my many problems is my desire and ablitity to avoid things
it is not uncommon that a piece of mail comes and I opt to ignore it
I do not disgard it
infact it stays front and center
yet I put off opening it
that letter could be a note from my mom, something from the government such as a call to jury duty

this can get awkward
having my mom reference the picture torn out from a magazine that was in the letter is not as bad as a late fee for a bill or worse yet the discovery that I had not opened my not calling me to jury duty... which is the following day
well... I did not get a call to jury duty
my wife did
no... what I am avoiding is the ANC Newsletter for my neighborhood

the ANC rep for my section of the neighborhood is a clever little piece of writing
more misinformation than information
it is more of an opinion than an update
and well
I am avoiding reading things as I saw at a glance that Jack is talking about the bike lanes on my road
he is talking about traffic calming and he is talking about bike lanes

it is all very frustrating
too frustrating to go any further without a drink in my hand
definitely frustrating enough that I would rather zone out to the television than to hear what he thinks is best for the neighborhood and the world

what he fails to see is that I want what is best...
I live here
this block is more part of my perception than his
I park my car on this block
I cross this street with my dogs each day on this block
I also travel across the street with my children on this block
and of course I ride my bike on this block

I also witness a vast number of people travel up and down this hill on their bike
it is not just a major artery for car traffic
it is a major artery for bicycle traffic

I want the bike lanes now
I want the traffic study now
I want people to start figuring out what is best for all
but... I feel that the bike lanes now will aid in those making the study
and those looking on from aside
to see the bicycle presence
and the need to factor in the bicyclist usage of this stretch of roah when trying to redesgin or alter it

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