in the saloon... when bad meets evil

in the salloon there is not much more that the muddy hoof prints of the resident deer
there is little that makes me think that people have been in this old barn for some time

there are old apple barrels
or some sort of farm basket
but all of them are cracked and broken too far for anything more than trash

the electricity has far been cut off
it is a shock that the wind has not blown the walls down

on one wall it reads saloon
the word saloon is popular
as it is written on all three buildings

when bad meets evil
an ugly scribble on the wooden stable walls in the basement
the words were more sketchy when the carcass of a deer lay half rotten in the dirt
but this carcass has long since decayed
on the boarded up doorway of the semi-modern farm house reads murder

there is a story to these buildings
the buildings may not be haunted
yet the walls all tell a story

there is the story of the original farm house owners
the farm in opperation
with its creek in the valley and its steep walls on all sides
not really enough flat for farming
maybe a good hill for sheep or goats

there there is the story of a farm ending its time as a farm
perhaps the house changed hands
or maybe people after several generations just moved on
which brings things to a more modern time
things look like they may have been abandoned for decades

the writing on the walls could be the scribble of some headbangers
some mixed up kids
some kids that spent too much time reading the lyrics of ozzy osbourne
a place that was enough their place to call it the saloon

who were these people?
where are they now?

who knows the story?

some things may never be answered
my guess is that these buildings will be torn down in the next few years
as they do offer a certain hazard to curious children
or even adolescents seeking an oasis

I always day dream about the land staying as it is
only with a trail a little more well beaten
a place for me and the boys to ride our bikes when we visit their grandma and grandpa

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