Key Bridge and M Street

the other day headed back from a cross race in Leesburg my brother and I were stuck at the light at Key Bridge and M Street

on the line between traffic stood a man with one of those cardboard signs
not sure what the sign said as he ducked and weaved so quickly between the cars
smiling and waving even if he was not given the pocket change he requested

I mentioned to my brother that I used to know that guy
just from around town
from hanging out
from the parks
he was always on hard times

not sure of the timing of the light I searched for my wallet
as my brother called his name

george came over and leaned into the car
he had that same smile and that same twinkle in his eye
my brother greeted him and directed him to me
making mention that I knew him
he leaned in and in fact recognized me
decades later and a lot less hair... he still recognized me

I passed him a two dollar bill
not much
but a two dollar bill

my brother said... you gave him your two dollar bill
I said... I know... I have always felt that two dollar bills are good luck
he needs the luck more than I do

in our short exchange he mentioned that another character from the park from that same era named Racoon had passed
my memory is often better with faces than names
I did not recall a guitar player named Racoon
with the light green and cars honking behind me I had to pull away before George could jog my memory

maybe george is not as bad off as my world may think
maybe he is where he wants to be
doing what he wants to do
either way
we can all use some luck from time to time
hope he gets some good luck

maybe I will remember who Racoon was
either way
it sounds like he was too young to die

borrowed that photo from Tony Colter
I do not know him
hope he does not mind...
check out his photo of the day
good stuff

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