the lance show

lance finishes the NYC marathon in just under 3 hours
just under three hours

in the news

I heard it was heavily covered
guess he is used to that


IF Chicks said...

Not to take anything away from Lance finishing in sub 3 hrs, but he was paced by former elite marathoners giving him splits, cups of water and advice..I guess he is used to all that help.

I would like to see him finish something like the April Michaux monster loop with no outside help-coaching and see if the NYC marathon is the toughest thing he's ever done (NYC is pretty flat for a marathon and I ran it twice..ok not in 3 hrs.)

At least it's good he inspires so many cancer patients and other people thru his endeavors...

gwadzilla said...

there is a difference between walking the tight rope
and walking the tight rope without a net

when a hollywood star drops weight and puts on muscles and hits the talk show circuit and boasts about it to Dave or Jay
I just think...

if I had dietitions, trainers, and life coaches
what could i do

I would need a Kato-esque assistant to jump out and fight the H0-HO from my hand at midnight
last night he would have had to fight me twice

it is different with that assistance
not the same race