lauri webb in france

the mid-atlantic cycling culture is a small subculture
if you attend the events
if you stick around for the prizes
you will see some of the same faces

there are people who I recognize but do not know
in seeing them around
you may also come to notice when they are gone

within that circle of riders that FATMARC rolls with there is a woman who slams out some fast miles for IF, Lauri Webb
Lauri is in France with her family

last year at Lodi Farms Fatmarc (who is not fat) teamed up with Lauri and Lauri's yound son Jeff for a three person team

Lauri Webb's blog from France
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Fatmarc Archive from last year's Lodi Event
gwadzilla archive from last year's Lodi Event

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gwadzilla said...

that pic is not of Lauri
but Lauri's son