lights.... lights are now a must

winter is here
even if I get out on time
I still need lights

the darkness has arrived
the cold has yet to present itself

had blinking lights
lights to be seen
not lights to see
the light to see also helps to be seen
the lights to be seen do not do much for seeing

took a healty sweat causing spin on the fixie
not sure of my trajectory
but it took me up and around the capitol building looping on sections of the mall

rolling up 16th Street I remembered my desire to check out the Ginkos on Swan Street
so I looped back a few blocks
before I could make it to Swan I saw a familiar face
looped back around and chased it down

he had a city block lead but was pedalling at a leisure pace
so I reeled him in without much effort

sure it enough it was the familiar face I thought it was
it has/had been years
but he looks pretty much the same
we caught up as we rolled down the road
lots of years lots to catch up on

while I was heading home from work
john was heading to work
john just got a new job
john's new job is a new bar at 11th and U

my short ride was cut shorter as it became a social experience
we rolled down to his bar
I was nearly lured in
but decided to return for a drink when I had time for more than a shot

did not make it inside
but it looks pretty sweet from the outside

john solomon has opened solly's tavern with his wife candy
that is the bar that the chariots hosted their ska experience earlier this week


Nick said...

Solly's a good guy - he used to hook up the team when he worked at Old Dominion Brewery..

Anonymous said...

Check out this thread. It might be of interest to you.



gwadzilla said...

thanks david (crouse)
appreciate that
although such things make me angry
I think I will have to try to figure out a response or an explaination

the notion of the classes is an interesting one