momentum... it seems that I have lost momentum

cross season came on full speed in September
managed to race the cross bike twice by mid-October
my full speed momentum came and made a full stop

now it is November and there is a double header this weekend
racing options for Saturday and Sunday
each race roughly an hour away from home
yet my body and mind may not be up to it

my legs feel fried
and well
not sure if my head is right

can I roll up on the line and get my head right for race day?


MRussell said...

put the helmet on
lace up the shoes, or ratchet 'em

and race 'cross

See ya this weekend...

Hans said...

Maybe you need motivation like this:

Fairfax CX Race and Beer Can Cash


The Office Jackal said...

go for it joel.

pick your day and ride hard.

i say one but not two days though, but thats just an idea.

once when i used to run cross country i ate oatmeal an hour before a race. about 2/3 way through i was in serious pain. after the race my friend told me he got up at 330 am just to eat before the 10 am race, because the body needs time to digest its energy food.