more than just a pretty face

more than just a pretty face
marc is not only a fast cyclist
but from my perspective it appears that marc is a focal point in a cycling community
someone who organizes stuff
someone who acts as a mentor to others
someone who aids in getting people psyched

maybe I am way off
what do I know

over the last few years
definitely with the assistance of the Internet I have had a bit of a window into the cycling culture of the Delaware area

there are a number of rides and racers from that little state of Delaware the are totally pumped to ride their bikes

it is inspirational
their cross practices seem to occur with regularity and amazing intensity

Delaware Cross Coalition
Buddy (who I believe is from across the PA border, but they let him hang around just the same)
Fort James (who I do not think has anything to do with Fort Frames)
IF/Laura Webb (who is in france for a year with the family)
well... that is enough
okay... one more Diane... Fatmarc's main sponsor

is chris from around there?

it is so confusing
it will all make better sense to me at the next race
as much as Fatmarc likes to crack on hippies
he looks hot with his long hair and he lives in a communal enviroment
that moves around like a tribe
setting up camp like nomads
making where they park their temporary home

from one of the many mini circles of cycling in dc
dcmtb team captain joe foley is engaged
joe rides, races, takes pictures, blogs, and gets married

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