morning before work

went through the standard dagwood bumstead morning routine
rushing to get the kids dressed so that lisa can get out the door to make drop off in time to get to work on time
it is rough in the mornings
no one wants to get out of bed
no one wants to get dressed
no one wants to eat breakfast
no one wants to put on their shoes
no one wants to go to school

same story everyday

with the family out the door I topped off my coffee, pulled on a jacket, strapped on a hat, leashed up the dog, and headed out the door
had the best intention to rock out a quick hike to allow for a short prework ride
but there was less time than I had factored

once I was dressed and on the bike I only had enough time to get to work with a few minutes to spare
made more sense to just show up early

on the way in I had the camera in my pocket
had turned off the blurred image warning that kept me from shooting more shots on the move the day prior
yet I did not pull the camera out
there was a little game of cat and mouse with a guy on a fixie
we were not working hard
we were not racing
we were both going the same way trying to take the most efficient lines
he was on some kabuki fixie
while i was on my cross bike
the distance to work is too short to try and care about racing someone

I do wonder
I know I broke a little sweat in my cycling garb
did this guy break a sweat in his office gear?

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Anonymous said...

these days, that dood riding in his office gear could easily be me... although I wouldn't be on a fixie.