morning commute

some pictures of nothing are often pictures of something

this is the setting of a standard morning commute
from the perspective of a bicyclist

I thought I had snapped more images
the settings had the camera alerting me to blurred images
thus blocking me from taking any images until I responded to that alert

the morning commute was short and direct
although the morning was fluid and fast
having the boys dressed and out the door in an unusual amount of control
rather than a prework ride I went for a longer hike with the dog
the distance of the hike was not extended just the duration
as I used some of the time in the morning to repair some of the trail

tried to firm up some of the newly built terraced stairs
tried blocking off some girl scout routes and cheat lines that lazy hikers and runners have been taking
then tried to kick some soil onto a heavily eroded section of trail

a path in the woods that the younger kids use for sledding got pretty damaged
a parked car inadvertently blocked the gutter
thus rerouting the water away from the sew and down the trail
removing all sorts of topsoil
revealing rocks and roots on what was already a bumpy trail
making things less forgiving for a trail in a land that sees very little snow

it was a good morning

hopefully there will be time for a spin after work this evening

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