most everything in life is a learning experience

victor mouse traps

I thought that I may be using too much bait
not having great success with the mice and the mouse traps

tonight I went downstairs to the basement to retrieve a cookie that was in my riding bag
as I got closer to my bag I tried to recall where exactly I would find this cookie
had split one with dean and grant on friday night with some milk
but knew there should be one more cookie
extra large home made style cookie

checked my dry sack that I often use
work id and wallet still at the base of the bag
went to the extra large camelbak pak
reached in blind
pulled out the cookie
a small sizeable fraction of the cookie was missing
not a nibble
not a bite
a percentage greater than let me try that
a little closer to could you share that with me

I had already set my traps
thought about my lack of succes
my one mouse caught
the other mice seen

thought about fishing
baiting the hook and setting the hook
figured I was using too much bait
and laughed about the experience of setting up these dam things

setting up a mouse trap is a mouse's version of America's Funniest Videos


gwadzilla said...


good old YOUTUBE


Meredith said...

dang! We're just discovering mice in our house. Not sure how long they've been around or how many of them there are or how quickly they're trying to reproduce. Didn't even knw we had any til i started finding little mouse terds. i've seen a few since then,not often though. thinkn they live behind the stove. we wanna get some traps but we don't wanna hurt em. wanna get some humane ones--live traps but i'm not sure they work....

Steeker said...

that was neat, I checked out the other vids on traps too .Personaly I am buying a new pellet gun and some night vision wear and hunting.

SueJ said...

I had to try to catch mammals to stuff 'em for a class. No luck with the mouse traps. I was duly informed that I had to locate them mroe carefully, along the paths the critters always trod; they don't get attracted to teh bait for bait's sake. HEavens.
I failed the course. My "sonnet in lieu of dead animals" did not change the grade. When I re-took it, the weather was so bad the requirement was lowered, and my sister got me three lab rats who had already met their demise. I stuffed them proudly and handed the stinky things in. (Lab rats are fat. It's hard to get all the fat off.)
Mouse traps are overrated. SOmebody should build a better one... or we should just learn to share our space...

gwadzilla said...

there is no greater quest for the best invention than the mouse trap
this is true to the extent that it is a meaphor

to build a better mousetrap

as far as sharing space

I do not live in the mouse's house and eat its food
why should the mouse come to my house uninvited

maybe I should get a snake

(and yes... the house is on land that was once a field.. etc.. etc... etc...)