mountain bike race on nepal

I once heard it said about trying to mountain bike the Annapurna circuit in Nepal...
don't bother bringing a mountain bike
better to bring a bath tub
as you might actually be able to use a bath tub

I am sure that Nepal has the potential for some amazing mountain biking

today there the first International Level Mountain Bike Race in Nepal

new on mountain bike race in Nepal

and from Nepal News


Steeker said...

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME DUDE ! it really would ,, when ya going??

gwadzilla said...

I would love to ride or race in Nepal

maybe when my kids get older
we will take an adventure vacation

Rocco said...

how do you come across a story like this?

gwadzilla said...

lets just say
the yeti has his connections in nepal
and no
a snow lepoard did not tell me