my iPod...

Bells of
my iPOD love the music of Bells of

looked for an image of the first Bells of release, Eleven Eleven
no luck
I think song for song... record straight through the earlier work of Lawrence is my favorite
yet there is some magic to some of his later stuff as well

I worked on the design of this cd sleeve with my friend Rob Myers
yesterday Rob came over and hiked the dogs then picked up some baby furniture

it was good to catch up
it is good to share what we have and what we do not need

on the drive home Rob switched from the radio to CD in his SCION wagon and I got to hear the get up and dance sound of Fort Knox Five
one of his more recent projects
perhaps his focal project

I need to get Lawrence to put up a MYSPACE page
his music is worth sharing and hearing
maybe he can re-release some of it
reproduce his old stuff with his new style and new tastes
release a double album
the music with it folk-sy appeal and his music with his current Space Music flavor

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