myspace W H O R E

I posted this on a my myspace bulletin this morning...

it is true

I recently became a myspace WHORE

running around
grabbing friends
stealing friends
trying to be friends with all sorts of people that may not even be friendly

not sure how it happened
first I was denying friends
then I accepted a few friends
now I am seeking friends


I need to drop the pointless networking addiction and focus on my primary addiction
my blog

that is where my real distraction should be

if I am not going to work
I should go straight to my blog

so should you


are you a myspace WHORE?
you know you are

how many friends do you have?
a longer list than actual friends
it is a compulsion
not a pleasure

gotta go
that girl in the Victoria Secret ad is starting to creep me out
I wonder if Victoria Secrets has a myspace page?

my page on my space
be my friend

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Steeker said...

I liked the Godzilla on the bike picture . way cool :-D