Nintendo 64

sometimes I forget how time has passed...

as the kids get older and I see the world of video games around me

so I tried to dig up the old Nintendo 64
found some games but not the console
for a second I thought about buying one
then I realized I was thinking of going to the store and buying a 10 year old piece of technology

that would be like going out and trying to get one of those Windows 98 machines that you loved so much

no doy
dah hickey

althoguh I think that the Mario 64 is a great game that the kids could enjoy
that and Mario Cart


Anonymous said...


I am happy to school you in N64 goldeneye anytime you like! I will bring mine up to DC after the holiday - I am happy to take you on a sunday. Or a tuesday.

Have a great thanksgiving with your family!

- People like us in dc.

Bryn said...

I still rock, with glee, a 10-year old Sega Dreamcast. Even better, I've got an NES emulator, so I can play 20-year old nintendo games.

Jeff said...

The boy and I hooked up the original Nintendo (20 years old), Super Nintendo, and the 64 this weekend for a few different versions of Mario. It was fun to play some games that weren't so complex...just run and jump! The boy loves it!

Steeker said...

I LOVED Metroid when it came out , could'nt stop playing it but it is not on playstation :-(

gwadzilla said...

went into several gamer stores in a mall in the burgh

did not risk asking to find a rebuilt/refurbished N64but
I did scan around for it

if I were more organized...

I bet mine is somewhere to be found

the greatest game of all time?

Dr. Mario?

gwadzilla said...

lots of people getting out their old systems after the release of the new systems

I think that I sold my system to some kids for a few bucks a decade ago

my standard Ninetendo system
DR, Mario and all....


I miss the Doctor

somebody get me the doctor