pittsburgh a town with pride

pittsburgh is a town with pride

the people of pittsburgh wear their pride on their shirt sleeve
and on their hat, their scarf, their gloves, their jacket
but if you have been to pittsburgh
you have seen black and gold
it is said that the people of pittsburgh bleed black and gold

while in pittsburgh over the thanksgiving holiday last year I saw a Joe Greene jersey
gave it a second's glance
only to find myself thinking about that jersey later
a fall gear option
racking leaves and tossing the foot ball with my boys in a football jersey
sure I am more of a european football jersey
yet. time passed and here it is thanksgiving and I find myself looking at this joe greene retro jersey again
still seriously considering
only this time I look at the price

one hundred and forty dollars
for a second I thought it was that very joe greene jersey that was tossed to the kid in the coca cola commercial
but when I pulled the jersey off the rack I saw another one right behind it
and franco harris' as well
in a small? franco harris was ugly, but he was certainly not a small

the idea of the jersey passed through my head
then I thought of mall mark up
and the well... somewhat absurd price
allowing the desire to get this jersey to creep back into my head

after that errand to the dirt rag headquarters I dropped the family off at the grand parents with the wife
then headed back to the mall
actually a box store outside the mall
dicks sporting goods

sure enough they had the jersey
in a different part of the store from last year
yet locatable without staff assistance just the same
the price was cheaper, but still crazy expensive
fiften dollars cheaper, but not so much more expensive than the kids jerseys
a kids jersey is fifty five bucks and lacks the stitched number and name
I like the kids and their kinship with pittsburgh
seems like a good excuse for me increase my commitment
so i decided to make that purchase
only to find that there was no joe greene in 2xl

which had me talking with the sales person
is there a 2xl in the back?
an 2xls on display elsewhere in the store?
the very helpful sales person
who aided me in realizing
if I really wanted this shirt I should buy it
which would give me the option of driving around for more time and more miles, buying it online and waiting for shipping, or sucking it up and paying the fifteen dollar markup

so I went to the official steeler store in the mall and made the purchase
the kid at the register remembered me from my shock filled departure two nights prior

with the new steeler's jersey I felt I now owned the proper gear for all pittsburgh weddings, funerals, parades, and family gatherings
a shirt to wear at thanksgiving dinner this year and every year to follow

the shirt has already gotten good usage

even if the formal thanksgiving dinner got the black Dirt Rag wool jersey with black wool pants and haflinger wool slippers
definitely more mod than tailgate party
dirt rag also exhibits pittsburgh pride
even if dirt rag is a little lesser known than the steelers

for desert I put on the joe greene jersey

this weekend I gained to powerful pieces to my wardrobe
the dirt rag gift for my birthday from the wife was awesome.... but too small to enter circulation
the football jersey...
well, I am not sure how much it will fit into the roatation
infact I joked about keeping it here so I do not need to drag it back and forth
but I know it will serve me better
if nothing else it can find a place along side my boys terrible towels

hey, that is brad in my dirt rag wool jersey

tomorrow we are going to the zoo
what to wear?
what to wear?

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