post party depression...

my backyard is still covered with hay there are costumes on the floor of each and every room of my house Halloween is behind us yet Halloween still surrounds us last night I tried to finish all the candy so that neither of my children fall victim to the obesity epidemic I am selfless that way throwing myself on a candy grenade so to speak yesterday afternoon I got out of work a few minutes early in preparation for the Halloween Madness for some reason we had all sorts of things planned on top of the Halloween celebration itself in addition to the meanderings about the neighborhood in search of goulish treats we were also having pizza with our younger son's babysitter before she and her family made a pilgramage to Texas an interesting evacuation centered around the notion of affordable housing a small segment of the American Dream before heading home I had to get home having ridden the geared Karate Monkey into work I figured I would try to sneak in a little dirt on my way home the fall season is expressing itself in a splendid Indian Summer fashion warm sunshine and bright colored leaves an amazing time to be in the woods so I cut through Georgetown as the drivers wrestled traffic others like myself rushing home there were people who certainly wanted to be home to carve pumpkins, dress children in costume, and get ready to party themselves Georgetown itself was begining to set up for the annual Halloween Madness cars were being towed and streets were being shut down the sidewalks were already crowded with people some of which were in costume others which were in Halloween costumes I bisected the city with some urban dirt avoiding speeding traffic I found refuge in the woods made a quick cross town virtually car free ride through passage that is not open to bikes the ride is not without certain elements of guilt but... the speed limit sign reads 25 MPH which spells out to me that no car should go over 25 miles per hour which has been bent and been broken so I see my looking past the no bikes sign as being a similar modification only difference is that I am respectful of the others whom I encounter in my travels while most cars move through traffic with no concern for anyone but themselves the ride went with no great event there were no tradgedies and no great accomplishments it was just nice to lose my day on the bike to ride the bike without having to grit my teeth in fear of the car tailgating me was a simple pleasure I arrived home to an empty house the wife was not yet home with the kids before I could remove my helmet and walk the dog the boys were storming in the house our two boys soon gathered more boys then our guests started to arrive the boys were not in costume and neither were the parents halloween night was approaching fast as if it were coming without warning we acted in a panic

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