rainy morning... short commute... saw Eric

Eric of WABA: washington area bicycle association
image not from this morning
it is rainy and wet this morning
is that repetitive?
it could be wet and not rainy

ran into eric as I rolled into work this morning
did not stall for photographs
lacked the camera on my person
was already running a tad late

it is clearly time for me to fix my fixie
that bike and many others need some serious TLC

the Pink Colnago Frankenbike Fixed Gear needs some work
simple enough
the non-drive crank arm is worn/stripped
in not much time the arm comes loose
the right size allen key is in my pack
but... when I tighten things down
things are worn such that the crank arm contacts the bottom bracket
causing massive resistance
well beyond friction

need to dig through my garage
I am certain that I have another 175mm crank arm
it is just a matter of digging

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