ramptech... a skateboarder's field of dreams

years and years ago I did some work for my friend Mike Mapp aka Micro
those were the early days of Ramptech
when thing were being done out of his garage

those were crazy funky times
Micro was building his skateboard Field of Dreams

skateboarding was nothing more than a fringe sport
a fringe sport on the decline when I was working for him
nobody believed that Micro could make it work
people advised that Mike should become a general contractor and forget his skateboarding dreams

rollerblades and rollerbladers came on the scene
an already angry Mike Mapp got pissed
he could smell out a blader over the phone
they got and earfull then the slam of the phone

Ramptech was building ramps for skating

skateboarding came back
like the phoenix rising from the ashes

along with the rise is skateboarding popularity there also became an increase in competition
every skater that ever built a squalid little ramp in mom and dad's backyard thought they could open a ramp manufacturing company

Mike Mapp had stood alone in an industry that did not exist
now Mike Mapp stands in a saturated industry crowded by a hundred and one rip off artists
sales talk from sales assistants often wins the bid over the builder with a premium design for longevity and skate-ability

kicker ramp

clearly a better decision than Blair Boards

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