really starting to slow down...

things are really starting to slow down for me on the bike

this is a great time of year for mountain biking
a sensational time of year for cross
a great time of year to start taking it slow

my rides are getting shorter, less frequent, and less intense

going out with lights

need to get my winter commuter system going

what lights?
which lights?
what bike?

I think I need to frankenbike a single speed with fenders
a good rain post rain bike
maybe a cross machine... I the Benotto frame I am thinking of building up will fit some knobbies
there is a single-ator that is not currently on a bike

sounds like a good post work project

today after work I tightened up the Elfa system I put on the wall in the boys room
it really takes their space to the next level
their room is starting to be more of a room
more than just a place to go to sleep
out up some lights I got at IKEA
the type of stuff I could never justify for myself
so I use my kids as an excuse to buy

like the strobe lights

the kids love the strobe lights
they will run around and bump into themselves with the strobe lights

grant asked for music in his room
not sure what I have
but it is a good idea

he heard the music on the computer
but he wants it in his room
not the computer
the music

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