same story... different day

this morning I ran into this guy I sort of know
we run into each other from time to time

when ever we run into each other we talks bikes
usually he talks
while I listen
I know... I know... anyone who knows me finds that hard to believe
but it is true
I listen
while he talks

each time we talk it is escentially the same story
he starts with something about looking for a bike, getting a bike fixed, or buying a new bike
then it all transitions into some race he did some time ago
I am not sure how many races he has done
or what level he competed
but... somehow I think that I may have done more races this year than he has done ever
but... he tells me some anecdote just the same
a glorious moment of making a pass
or a defeating moment of getting passed back

the story always ends the same way
he finishes the story
they he walks away

conversations are not about
your story then my story
maybe there should be a moment for me to respond to your story

I can not wait till we run into each other again
pretty soon I will be able to write his biography

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Steeker said...

I read your story's all the time man ;-)