saw cirque du soliel with the kids tonight

caught cirque du soliel with the kids tonight here in dc
we had intended on catching the Metro train to Chinatown
but ended up driving as we felt that the hassle of finding a space would outweigh the stress of corralling the boys for several city blocks at an efficient pace
that on top of not knowing how frequent the metro trains would pass on the green line
or any line for that matter

the show was amazing
the show is always amazing
so it is a waste of energy sharing that information
yet I share it just the same
the show was amazing

the boys were well entertained
although we did lose almost them towards the end
an emergency evacuation to the bathroom had us leave durning the grand finale
we missed the final 2 minutes
felt like a family ducking out of church right after communion to beat the parking lot traffic

it is hard to express what was the most impressive segment of the performance
each separate piece was so amazing that it made me forget the display prior
the strength, the skill, all coreographed and executed in sync

one thing that is not forgotten is the sensual tone to the people
there was a vaudvillian feel to this year's tour
the costumes are such that the forms of the people at times appear clothesless
there is no need for them to be overtly sexual
as the subcurrent of sexual is powerful enough
at one point in the show my five year old son asked me if some of the girls have crushes on some of the boys and do some of the boys have crushes on some of the girls

oh yes

and no
I am not the first man to fall for the woman on the trapeeze
the moves
the poses
the form

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