sheldon brown

sheldon brown
in the early days of the Internet
his pages seemed like buried treasure

ideas, inovation, and inspiration

when I bought my first karate monkey I consulted Sheldon Brown on sizing

I just learned that Sheldon Brown has MS
not sure if the trike is a fixie
but I do know it looks like the green machine
another toy I never had
always wanted a big wheel
always wanted a bmx bike
always wanted a green machine

sheldon brown on myspace

learned of this through VELORUTION


theboy said...

Someone with a bit of logo-fying talent should make a logo that bike-related blogs (or those who are simply grateful) could display to say we're rooting for him.

gewilli said...

thanks, damn i'd heard from Brucie that he wasn't doing well... but... i didn't know about this...


and i passed up a chance to ride with him and the gang of ferrous riding freaks one day...

that's a hard core regret...


Anonymous said...

Sheldon Brown's bicycle pages have been invaluable for me fixing my bikes quickly and properly. This is a very sad turn of affairs, but hopefully the prognosis will not be as bleak as it seems now. If anyone can get by this, it has to be Sheldon Brown.

Nathan said...

If you can get past the stigma of buying a Huffy, they now make tubular-steel Green Machines with a 150lb weight limit that adjusts from a five-year-old to a not-large adult. They run about US$100.


Heck yeah, I have one! :)