slowing down

things are really starting to slow down...

the shorter days and the lack of races on my radar are combining to rob me of my cycling ambition

which is fine
my legs are tired and so am I
it is not like going straight home from work adds an hour of rest
instead of pushing the pedals I get to wrestle my kids

tonight we played with some of the Rocket Balloons
well, we actually played with the cars and the helicopter that came with the rocket balloons
after a little time the strobe light came out
the boys ran around the room
a mixture of dancing and wrestling

it all wore me out fast
had to surrender to a viewing of Curious George
had grant taken a break from jumping on my head I would have most certainly taken a nap

there have still been rides after work on the bike
but the duration has not pushed past an hour
and there are more rides straight home then away from home

the winter weight is starting to settle in
Halloween candy is helping me get their
I am weak to my sugar fix
gotta have my sugar fix

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