some clubs you can not join

the swamper
with a new bedlam bag
this photo does the bag no justice
so many of the bedlam bags are built with great attention to the exterior identity
this one is bare bones
well... other than some custom modifications
there is an external pocket that aids swampy's getting into the bag on the move
he often hands off his packages on the move

real courier
IF grass roots mountain bike team
bedlam bags

Swampy is a beast on the bike

Swampy is part of a club that you can not join
there is a small little club of only a handful of members
that elite group would be the select few who have race in every and all of the Shenadoah Mountain 100 races
been there from the beginning
never missed a race

doing this event once is something
doing it every year is another
doing it since the beginning....
that is insane

let me guess at this list....
Sue George
Barry Quigley (a clydesdale)
ammendment after David Crouse's comments then Camps' comments
Larry Camp
Mike Buchness
who else?
let me check with Chris Scott


crouse said...

Camp is on that list.


camps said...

add Mike Buchness, and the list may be complete

camps said...

add Mike Buchness, and the list may be complete

Rocco said...

probably paul buschi

gwadzilla said...

I did not know that steve buscemi rode bikes

that is one diverse actor

gwadzilla said...


any more additions?