South Carolina Bike Law... and Peters' new bike

South Carolina Bike Law
legal advocates/legal representation by cyclists for cyclists

here is my old friend Peters' wife Cappi with their two boys in their new bike from Christiania Bikes in Denmark


www.biomega.dk (also in Denmark)
Heidi Klum... not from Denmark

DC once had a legal representative for cyclists and cyclists related legal needs
I had the misfortune of needing his representation some years back
which gave me the pleasure of meeing Ed Kearny
Ed has since passed away
I wonder if anyone has taken Ed Kearny's place in Washington DC?


The Office Jackal said...

having been do denmark, and been to that bike shop i have to say


Thats how to take the kids to school!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, why do you have an SC website posted? just wondering since i live in SC and have never heard of that site... love the blog, thanks for posting your thoughts and ideas

grrsh said...

more heidi klum!

gwadzilla said...

I often post websites from other parts of the country that I think are helpful or intersting

but in this case

my friend Peter (Peters) sent me some picture of a bike that he had been talking about that had finally arrived
I figured I would post the pics
the link seemed to be worthy of posting as well

that is what has me posting stuff on SC

Charleston is a great town
only been there once for the person previously mentioned wedding with the women who is pictured

glad you like the blog