the specials at myspace

great to play the music in the background as I do other things
like blog

found this at The Chariots site
they are a SKA band from DC
with a few cyclists in the mix

The Chariots are playing tonight
unlikely I will catch it
but... you should

it may have been over 20 years since I heard anything by The Specials
GHOSTOWN is an amazing song


PeterW said...

Agreed on Gosttown.

Boy, the early/mid 80s were a magical time!

And are we getting old!

Anonymous said...

I still have my original "This is Two Tone" t-shirt. It is as ragedy as it can get, but I just can't throw it out.

I think out of all those bands, the Specials were the best, but the Selecter still sound pretty damn eery.


gwadzilla said...

I shamelessly have Ethan Brown's 12 inch LP of Ghosttown

we lent each other a few records

it took nearly a decade for me to get Minor Threat's Out of Step LP from Jason Kolker

sure I could have bought another release
but that was my copy
which I went all the way to Yesterday and Today Records in the outreaches of Rockville to buy on the day it was released

it was the least ornate of the releases
it may have lacked the insert of the later releases
it was the first release

I wonder if I still have my Minor Threat collect on CD

if not
I may need to buy it again

these films like American Hardcore have had me enjoying a some steps back in time