this is basically the feeling around the world

I am a pig
I think that this woman is hot
she has great teeth
she is on a bike
and she does not put up with anyone's shit
I am a pig
I think she is hot

more images
of woman with bike in bejing

I know how this woman feels
not because of my good teeth, my frequency on the bike, or my desire not to put up with other people's shit
but because I have been there

the china daily tells the full story

the funny thing is that it is not just the obnoxious irrate bike throwing driver that does not get it
but the idiot author of the article does not get it

the bike throwing driver has not grown and developed from this incident
the bike throwing driver is regretful of having being shamed
being caught for his actions
being embarressed for his actions

it is the harassment that brought about the apology
not the understanding of wrong doing

you can learn from an experience even if you do not feel guilt until you get caught
but in this case
the remorse is about the shameful experience
not the injustice to others

the driving behavior
and then the tossing of the bike behavior

this is everyday


theboy said...

Awesome beyond words.

Lee said...

thanks for this, good to know there are people who will really stand up for what they believe.

iconoclasst said...

The big issue is, where the hell is the solidarity? Those other bikers should have stopped and joined in, maybe kicked that asshole's...um...ass.

Yes, politeness works sometimes, and it's always a good starting point, and it's respectable, etc., but once the driver stepped over the line and accosted the cyclist, well, all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

Tawanda! Menopause may be tricky.

Robb said...

check out the number of the bus.

Isabelle said...

Jon got 'right hooked' in Bend yesterday, he was late for an appointment, restrained himself from decking the guy, but had to threaten him with a recitation of his plate no. to keep him from leaving the scene before Jon had established that he was fine, after being driven into the curb. OK, this doesn't shock you in DC, every day, at least one occurs. But we're talking about BEND OREGON! What burned most: the guy in the huge 4X4 says, "I'm a cyclist too." Jon said, "That just makes you a bigger Asshole." And rode away.

gwadzilla said...


it is a complicated issues as it is cross cultural

would a Bejing cyclist stop for another cyclist
would a DC cyclist stop for another cyclist

maybe it is understood that the bike is subordinant to the car in that culture
certainly the car drivers in the states feel that he bike is subordinant to the car

gwadzilla said...

glad jon is not hurt
nothing is gained from the car/bike confrontation
I always regret the conflict
I have always had a better response from a polite respectful approach
people are not likely to listen to a discussion started by... "hey fckin arsehole!"

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mr. G

Your blog rocks!
I love seeing the photos you take... Wish I had your eye.

I know this scenario too well where I live. If would have done what that lady did--standing her ground like that--the guy would have run me down, and I believe other drivers would line up to follow him! "Kill the Bike! Kill the Bike!"

But your blog is cool. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

She did have a bit of an advantage being a woman... but somebody pointed out on my blog that according to the police, it would have been legal for the driver to be in that lane. I'd love to know if the woman was aware of that. (I hope she was ;))

gwadzilla said...

from what I read...
she thought it was a bike lane
that reminds me of a situation caught on film a year or so ago where a woman threw a car driver's burger wrapper back in the car after he threw it out the window

it got ugly as well


male on female aggression

if I do something like this
I get run down

2drunk2shift said...

Thanks fir sharin. She is hot. I bet she's a tiger. rharrr rharrr

2drunk2shift said...

Thanks fir sharin. She is hot. I bet she's a tiger. rharrr rharrr