this made me laugh


gwadzilla said...

it made me laugh

not it is making me sea sick

will leave it up till I make my next post

Anonymous said...

it is mesmerizing

Steeker said...

nothing sexy about that bony chick try to make her bobbies bigger, give a natural lady with a big bum any day ;-)

gwadzilla said...

I agree steeker

nothing sexier
nothing sexier indeed

gwadzilla said...


I find myself drawn in

perhaps this is what ladies do with those jello like attachments

like the folks with pierced tongues that have to stick out their tongues each time they get their picture taken

or the guy with a sleeveless shirt showing off his tattoos in the dead of winter

Steeker said...

ladie in that pic ? lol well that does not look like a lady more like a starved down tramptart which is fine if you like that ;-) .

gwadzilla said...

I came back
you came back

we may make fun of it
I think we like it

to quote Bugs Bunny.... so she's mechanical?

Meredith said...

she was only hot in Means Girls when she was a little chubbier.