too much wine...

too much wine
or... maybe not enough wine
either I drank too much wine
or there is not enough wine
not sure I want to open another bottle
will just finish this glass and drink some water

little battles
wars are won with little battles
now, if only I could stop this cookie from jumping in my mouth

tonight I am watching some HBO Comic Relief
some funny stuff...
some of the funny stuff is the awkward exchange between billy crystal and robin williams
I guess it is a bit of an adlib
and well
robin williams is not able to control himself
he is stealing line and stepping on toes
or so it seems
he is locked between his rolls of mork from ork and his cartoon aladin

rebuild new orleans
fix the levee
but do not just build things up the way they were
make the city better
make a city that makes sense
make it a bicycle city
a flat city with a moderate climate
well, at least a moderate winter and a humid summer
make it flat with a network of roads that are pedestrian specific
make the shoppiing areas bicycle friendly
friendly for cyclists to approach
close off certain areas to cars
I tell ya
grandma can ride a three wheeler
and having a two wheeler pull a trailer makes sense
not an option for everyone
not needed by everyone

tonight the family went to chinatown with some neighbors and their kids
each family drove that less than an urban mile to the metro and parked
there would be enough walking with the kids
no need to try and coral cats to the metro

the metro ride and the city streets with the boys was wild
some people fear sharks and keep their kids out of the ocean
this dad fears cars and tries to keep his kids out of the street
the kids were wild
grant had a superman cape I had purchased for him this afternoon
dean was wild because he was psyched to hang with his buddy issaiah
grant was also psyched
the kids had the volume set at eleven

the boys were well behaved at dinner
everyone ate well
there was no food fight
boys will be boys
so there were little sword fights with their fancy drink mini swords
some food hit the floor
a few games of musical chairs
but these things happen whey you take your kids in public

I evacuated before the check with the three boys
gotta teach em the grifter tricks young
left the wife with the check
as I took three of the four boys down the block to see the man make the noodles in the window on 6th Street
the trip that stayed on one city block was madness
the kids were amped from their shirley temples with extra marachino cherries
so the pace was rapid
to slow things down I tried to set up a leader and a goal
so I could guide them

we slowed for parkour
there were steps and stoops to jump off of
there were curbs to jump
it was hectic
we made it to the window
we watched some balls of dough get magically turned into noodles
it is some weird Cirque du Soliel yo-yo tricks

the trip back was as wild as the trip out
our timing had us back just as the adults were finishing paying the check
we waited outslide doing a few more jumps on the steps

the boys listening
waiting for the people to pass
waiting for it to be clear
when the parents came out they were looking for more
I was looking for more
there was much chinese food in my belly needing to be burned off
so we walked a few blocks through downtown to a park on penn avenue
the boys were able to do some more jumping and climbing

the parks are better than the sidewalk
it freaks me out having the boys run wild on the sidewalk so close to the urban street
I am not scared of abduction as much as I am scared of them getting hit by a car
there is the fear that the boys could take a quick turn and get lost in the crowd so I am always a step away
usually between the boys and the street
when possible
lisa and I go man to man
when things get wild with grantman I transfer his strong little 2 and ahalf year old body to my shoulders
I can feel him starting to feel the go go beat on the five gallon buckets down the block
when we finally get to the talented street musician with that junkyard flair
grand is dancing
a compliment greater than a dollar in his hat
he is looking for a dollar in his hat
not to share his music with a soulful two year old

we march on
catch the subway on the green line heading home
the boys do not want to split up
the families enter their separate cars
arrive home at the same time and head to their separate houses

the boys are jazzed and run around for a half hour past bedtime

now they are asleep
and I am drunk
enough babble

I am going to play with some pictures

was going to be bring comic relief back to the Rico Recovery Fund

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