word on the street....

the word on the street is that Rob Campbell broke his clavicle
maybe I am just spreading rumors

as this is a blog
there is no fact checking
there is no need to be accountable
just put it up there

my guess is this happened in Stokesville

as I was at the Tacchino cyclocross event

Rob has been one of the guys fighting for the most fun in the Killer Bs this year

on Saturday Rob had a very exciting race where it appeared that he felt good on a course that may favor him
he took off the front fast and hard
but could not hold off the challengers
then Evan Ellicott (of DCMTB) tried to power forward with the same tactic
but managed to maintain
it was a very exciting race to watch unfold
the play by play announcer added to the fun
(turns out EVAN has a BLOG... go figure!)

I did not hear the announcement
but as Joe Foley (also of DCMTB) came around on one of his laps the announcer make mention of Joe's recent engagement to Heather!


NCVC is hosting a cycling film at the Arlington Cinema and Draft house in December
Six Day Bicycle Race

heal up fast
take care of yourself!

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't there, but I heard it happened at the Tacchino race. Bummer.