you have been spared

you have been spared
I am not going to post a picture of a dead mouse

I took the photos
downloaded the images
even opened the full set of images in photoshop
some were blurred
a few others were clear and crisp
none of the images appealed to my taste

I do not take great joy in the death of the mouse
I take pleasure in knowing that I have one less mouse in the house
but... I do not get pleasure in killing the little rat

the mice were hear last year
there was a combination of warm weather evacuation and low lever extermination

the mouse traps have been slow
in fact I was ready to pull the old school traps as most of them were picked clean of the peanut butter bait
one by one till nearly all six of my traps were picked clean
until this afternoon one of the last two traps caught itself a little gray mouse

so i disposed of the one trap with its quiet little gray mouse
and gathered all the traps
setting off each trap with a screw driver before I handled them
not sure what to use after trying cheese and then peanut butter
then it occurred to me that the mice really liked my Cliff Bars for kids
they liked my Cliff Bars for kids so much that they went ahead and climbed into my gear bag friday night
so that when I drove to the race on saturday morning I did not bother with the cliff bars
as they had been opened and nibbled at
no cliff bars remained
so I broke apart an old balance bar

not sure of the trick
tried using just a little piece of bait
had a real fun time setting the traps without breaking a finger
it is really a fun little game

got all five traps set with Balance bars
hopefully I cat a few more mice before the week is up
prefer the traps rather than poison
poison is a hazzard
and well
who wants to deal with the smell of a dead mouse stuck between the walls

in war the goal is often to kill the enemy
but... when the dead bodies are found
there is respect for the dead

I always wondered...
in Star Trek and Star Wars they have the ability to set their guns on STUN
yet they kill their enemies
why not always stun them?


gwadzilla said...

no dead mice in the traps this morning...

I guess things do not happen overnight

it took several days for the mice to eat nearly all of the peanut butter off the traps previously

hope they like the Balance Bar

if not

I will try to find another Cliff bar for kids

they loved those

it blew my mind that they climbed into my pack that was set up for Saturday morning's race
in my pack
nibbled it all away

gwadzilla said...

still no dead mice

one more day

then change bait and locations