adopt a bike... the human fund


here it is that holiday season
where people get to experience the gift of giving

my mom likes to buy a chicken and a goat for a family in my honor or something to that effect
while others may have a mass said in my honor

these all may be good things
there may be a more appropriate option for that special cycling someone

if someone wanted to give a gift donation to a cyclist
there are plenty of cycling charities to donate to

bikes4africa is one of these charities
rails to trails/IMBA/MORE/trips for kids...
this weekend bikes4africa is doing a ride in the gambia
I think my friend tom is going to be there


for those people who want to give a donation in my name or in any cyclist's name
well... as nice as a goat or a chicken may be
it may make more sense for some of these donations to go to an interest that goes along with the cyclist's ideals

there are all sorts of programs that could use your assistance
other programs that could use your old bikes
bikes to the world
trips for kids
just to name a few

please add good bicycle related charities with links in the comment section

1 comment:

sydney_b said...

i'm thinkin' rails to trails might be a good one if I can't get myself designated as a nonprofit. ;)