another shot of ron... ron and his klein

I know
just like with the previously posted picture of the women messenger
I took a bunch of shots
but ended up reusing some of the same shots
as it is not just playing with the image
but playing with how the image is use

I wonder if Ron will remember my web address
guess I need to have some more gwadzilla cards made

that business card project falls under my things to do list
a things to do list that may get that new years eve resolution sort of momentum

deadlines are good
I am not so good on soft deadlines
I work best on hard deadlines

today I made some simple collages with some random images of the family
one collage of pictures from our summer trip to colorado, a collection of pictures from purchasing the tree at the bethesda rescue squand, and then a random collection that involved a few shots from a trip to Kennywood Amusement Park and a few shots of the kids on the bike
each collection of images turned out okay
but I did not really dig for the best pictures
nor did I neccesarily put together the best set of puzzles
it was a project that I had been procrastinating on
a project that would have done well to be approached in several stages
collection of the images
sorting the images
starting the puzzles
doing one draft
sleeping on it
then doing a final draft
maybe scratching a piece
maybe adding and subtracting to another

not quality
that is the way it happened
holiday cards created and to be printed at costco film
set to arrive next week
they will arrive after the new year

had lisa been assigned this project
things would have been stamped and sent out by the end of september
just another case of when opposites attract

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