bonus.... a zip around cabin john

a great weekend
a great weekend all around
everything flowed
then to be able to sneak out to the cabin john trails was awesome
sure I would have loved to gone to schaffer or maybe patapsco
but the window of opportunity was not only short but presented with very little forewarning

considered for a second riding out from the house to the trail and back
but the additional thirty minutes or more not to mention exhaustion was not an option
as the weekend was not over
still had to take the kids over to my dad's for dinner
which worked for me
the kids love seeing their grandparents
this keeps the kids entertained
and well...
my dad is a great cook
which adds to no cooking of cleaning

the trails at Cabin John have changed
much like lots of the trails in this area and perhaps the country
the beating of the trails is beyond visible
the foot print of the heavy trail use is obvious
sure there was some nasty flooding
but the erroision and the human impact need to be monitored and guided if possible

there has been some great trail rerouting... but so much of the old trails are still being used
but bikes and by hikes

there are sections of Cabin John that would do well to have bridges and boardwalks built
then my dream of having dirt brought in again needs to be answered

it is clear that the trails are being well maintained
but maybe not enough

it was a great ride
the trails flowed pretty well
some sections have been cut out
and some small bits have been altered withing
these trails have the potential to be awesome

next time I will try to leave the car behind and ride out to the trailhead
next time there is a trail day at Cabin John I need to make sure I am there with a shovel in hand

MORE: Cabin John
a page about trail work (from the hikers)

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