boy on boy advertising

flipping through the channels before I settled in on Mind of Mencina I caught a commercial for a razor
not an electric razor which has been a holiday classic since the day it was invented
but this was a commercial for one of those razors with the crazy expensive disposable blades
not sure how many blades this one has
as I was more focused on trying to catch the relationship of the men exchanging gifts
will have to watch more closely next time
as it did not look father son

the world has come a long way

there was a time where this would make people angry
some people would have even stood in protest
but not now
we are now evolved enough to accept the romantic gift giving of same sex relationship

this of course should not be odd
as people have been accepting love stories via music for ages
the club stuff was strongy homosexual
the punk and new wave stuff... well there was no shortage of boy on boy love affairs
the mainstream Smiths or the more club and more blatent Bronski Beat
choose your example
they are easy to find

certainly there have been poems and other writings that were ambiguous about the relationship

how about that Volkswagon DA DA DA commercial of some years back
where the clean cut men go curb shopping
only to decide that their Lazy Boy score was not score at all
the Lazy Boy was ripe
these guys... where they a couple?
if so... an even bigger deal
the American public is secure enough in its sexuality to relate to an inter-racial gay couple's attraction to a certain product
that or... they did not see that these characters were together
just as the American public has been stomping their feet and clapping their hands to the anthems of Queen; We Will Rock You and We are the Champions

by a band named Queen
how did that go over their heads?
the American public is not so bright

this tangent was inspired by something that developed on Fatmarc's quesiton of the week
one of the questions asked what the sexiest song of all time was...
my answer was unclear but neither was MegA from NewEnglandCross until I read the lyrics to that Happy Monday Song
oh my.

countdown to the nationals

madonna BMW commercial

(a good little movie)

got distracted
trying to eat, blog, and settle in for the night
still hungry
blogging is going to have to give

check out the BMW ad

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