broke my middle ring and my sunglasses

the geared karate monkey took a bit of a hit yesterday
about halfway through the ride as I was just starting on the return to the stick of what is a bit of a destorted lollipop up and back when I had a little bunching of the chain
tried fixing it on the move
but things just bunched right back up after I had them righted

again I tried to settle things up while rolling
curious if it was a kink in the chain
though maybe a bent tooth on the middle ring
then dismounted to trouble shoot thing up close

two bolts were missing from the chainrings
which allowed me to break twenty five percent of the middle ring

shifted into the big ring and took it home

then once back to the car I was pleased that my car had not been ticketed or towed
when taking off my specialized sunglasses without first removing my helmet I heard a crack
one of the hinges broke when I awkwardly removed the glasses

great ride
bummer that I broke some glasses
bummer that I need to fix the geared Karate Monkey

gwadzilla archive with a PDF of the Cabin John trails
this summer I wrote an article about riding from the Capitol building to the Cabin John trails for SPOKES magazine... I wonder if anyone ever did that ride after I wrote that article
archive where that picture was from

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Anonymous said...

dang, guess you don't know your own strength, better use some locktight on those bolts next time.