christmas is coming...

christmas is coming
my boys are getting psyched...

the lights are nearly up...
afraid to plug them in
had enough with replacing bulbs and swapping out fuses
definitely ready to go LED
those big old retro bulbs are going in the basement with the Cunningham Roller Cams
had enough of them exploding and popping or just going dead
massive amounts of lights have been trashed this season

and that Lionel train set...
I bought it four years ago
I think it went around the tree once
the definitely do not build them like they used to

torn about moving away from the Lionel set and cutting my losses
or investing in another starter kit and merging the sets to have one large working set


zweirad said...

Keep your eyes on local auctions. Sloan's had an auction last weekend with several Lionel/O Gauge lots. One WWII era lot of cars and track went for $25!

gwadzilla said...

the battle with the lights continue...

when the boys got home I was there to greet them

wanted them to be part of the whole lighting excitment

since I arrived home on my bike the same time as the babysitter with the boys
there had yet to be a dry run with the lights

with several extension cords put into place
I plugged things in
lights that worked inside did not work outside


simple enough
I started to replace fuses
the first fuses was the place to start
that was my problem

Dean was estatic...
he told me that our house was the worst on the block but then moved to the BEST
just the effect I was going for

minutes later the lights were out again

dean did not have to say anything
our black house next to all the well lit houses had us moved back to WORST on the BLOCK

I searched for more fuses
pirating the fuses from unused strings of lights

things came back up
then minutes later things went back down

ended up bringing out a second extension cord to shorten the Daisy Chain

things are still working


it may be time for LED Lights
as every other bulb is now burnt out

retro smetro
I am stepping into the modern age